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Cutting tool is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing. The vast majority of machine tool is used for, but also has a hand. Due to the cutting tools used in machinery manufacturing basically is used for cutting metal materials, so the word "tool" is generally understood as metal cutting tools.
All kinds of cutting tool structure are formed by the clamping part and working part. The overall structure of cutting tool clamping part and working part have done on the cutter body; Insert structure work part of the tool (cutter tooth or blade) is set on the blade.
Tool clamping part with hole and with handle. Perforated knife on inner hole suit on machine tool spindle and spindle, with the aid of the axial key or end key transmission torque, such as cylindrical milling cutter, such as shell face milling cutter.
With handle tool is usually rectangular and cylindrical handle handle and taper shank 3 kinds. Turning, planing tool such as general for rectangular handle; Taper shank taper under axial thrust, torque and friction; Cylindrical handle general applicable to minor twist drill, vertical milling cutter and other cutting tools, cutting when using friction produced during the clamping torque. Many with handle knife handle made of low alloy steel, and some are the two parts with high speed steel butt welding and into.
Work part of the tool was part of the production and the processing chip, including the blade, the structure of the chip broken broken or volume approach, chip, or should the storage space of the chip, cutting fluid channels such as structural elements. Some work part of the tool is cutting parts, such as turning tool, cutter, boring and milling cutter, etc.; Some cutting tools working part includes cutting sections and calibration, such as drill, reamer drill, reamer, broach and tap on the inner surface, etc. The effect of cutting part is to use the blade to remove scraps, calibration part is the function of repairing the light has been cutting machining surface and guidance tool.

Knives are integral parts of the structure, welding and mechanical clamp type three kinds:
S overall structure was made on the blade cutting edge;
S is to put the blade brazing welding structure on steel blade;
S mechanical clamp structure and there are two, one is to put the blade clamp fixed on the cutter body, the other is a good brazing clamp fixed on the blade of the cutting tools.
Carbide cutting tools made from general welding structure or mechanical clamp structure; Ceramic cutting tools are using the mechanical structure.
Tool cutting part of the geometric parameter on the discretion of the cutting efficiency and machining quality has very big effect. Increasing the rake Angle, can reduce the rake face of cutting layer extrusion of plastic deformation, reduce the frictional resistance chip through the front, so as to reduce the cutting force and cutting heat. But at the same time increase the rake Angle, can reduce the strength of the cutting edge, reduce the volume of heat dissipation of the cutting tools.
When choosing the Angle of the cutting tool, need to consider a variety of factors, such as the workpiece materials, cutting tool materials and processing properties (such as rough and finish machining), must be reasonable choice according to specific circumstances. Tool Angle, usually is refers to the manufacturing and measuring the annotation Angle in actual work, due to different cutter installation position and the change of the cutting direction, the Angle of the practical work and annotation Angle is different, but the difference between usually is very small.